Wednesday, October 7, 2020

COVID-19 Children's Book Resources from Northwell Health

Please follow the link below for access to free children's books in PDF format from the perspective of a child learning about COVID-19, as well as a newly released title about a child returning back to school. Both books are written by Northwell Health physician Dr. Lauren Block and her husband, Adam Block. Please feel free to share with your colleagues and patrons.  

Background from Dr. Block: 

As primary care physician in the Division of General Internal Medicine at Northwell, I am happy to share the children’s book I wrote with my husband on the science behind the COVID-19 pandemic. Kelly Stays Home: The Science of Coronavirus is available as a free PDF at with versions for big kids age 7-11 and little kids age 4-6. Discover along with eight-year-old Kelly the science behind the COVID-19 illness, viral transmission, basic epidemiology, and social distancing needed to protect your kids and community. Learn how viruses spread, how vaccines work, and what herd immunity is. Parents will learn how families can advocate for diagnosis, treatment, and help the less fortunate during the pandemic. Hope you and your families enjoy and please share with colleagues, friends, and patients.

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